Our goal at OTB is to provide our members from smaller budget health care organizations with actionable information that's useful with your role as, or when serving on or reporting to, owners or a Board of Directors. This site will offer you some of the same content our research contributors prepare and present during their day-to-day consulting engagements.

Our site is relatively new so at the moment we are simply sharing research and event information. The next phase on our roadmap is to provide our members with useful resources such as guidance, templates, checklists, private training events, and the like; tools that will add value to those who determine the strategy and direction of smaller health care organizations.

If you are here, chances are that your corporate role makes your limited time very valuable. You probably have much to be responsible for and possibly not enough time in the day and resources to do it the way you would like. We encourage you to subscribe to our briefings. It takes less than 60 seconds to scan the content when it arrives in your inbox and you can then determine those items of interest you want to explore further.

We hope you find the information we gather and share useful, and we hope it adds value when leading your smaller organization through it's daily challenges.