Rarely is any leadership role ready for today’s cyber and compliance challenges.

Whether your managing your own business or the people that are now frequently moving from one company to another, it's very easy to end up in a position with some responsibility to protect your company's and it's customer's personal information as may be required by law. Or, you may be assigned to serve on a project team or committee specifically overseeing privacy, or sit on of a Board of Directors. Unfortunately, very few small organizations have the foresight, time, understanding, and budgets to give leaders ongoing training and education in these critical areas.

Because leadership is ultimately responsible, management needs timely tools to protect them, the organization and its reputation, and its customers. OTB is here to serve you!

"Information security and compliance is not only for whoever's assigned, they are business concerns that leadership will be held responsible for."

OnTheBoard is for you!

Owner / Founder

Working day and night to grow the business, you rarely have time to stay on top of the latest cyber threats and compliance topics that apply to your business and which could negatively impact the company as it grows.

Board Director

You must stay up to date on the latest threats and changing regulatory requirements to keep the organization protected and in compliance, advise other board members, provide direction to your executives, and meet your legal obligations as a trustee.


Reporting to ownership, senior executives, or the Board, you need to stay up-to-date on every threat that could expose company data and harm the organization. At the very least, you must know how to protect the specific areas you oversee.

Micro Sessions

Useful information delivered quickly!

In 15 minutes or less, OnTheBoard provides you with actionable information on many business topics delivered via micro Sessions we call "Teachable Moments".

  • Sessions are comprised of Modules and each Module presents "informative snippets” on subjects of critical importance to your business.

  • Each Module (and sometimes the entire Sessiontakes only 5 - 15 minutes to complete. You are now ready to intelligently discuss the subject.

  • The goal is to quickly inform you on complex topics ("just the facts") in a “condensed and focused” manner with enough information to allow for discussions on the subject at a high level as well as informed decision making.

  • You get enough information to intelligently start or be part of the conversation. Follow-up research can then be conducted if desired.

No need for lengthy research or hours-long training
when all you need are insights you can get in minutes.

  • Managing emerging risks is important as is the need to stay current on key business concerns and industry best practices.
  • Stay abreast of and be ready discuss current challenges and solutions even though they may not be a problem today.
  • Keep learning and growing professionally without lengthy courses with and out-of-date materials. OTB Sessions are continuously updated and Session instructors are always available to guide you.
  • When a topic suddenly comes up, there’s no time to conduct research and gather information. OTB has already done the work and provides you with the outline and the supporting content in minutes.
  • New ideas are constantly needed for education and training programs. Save time by delivering one of the ready-to-present OnTheBoard presentations or trainings.
OnTheBoard content is curated and developed by consultants who advise and train corporate leaders every day. Not only do you get the same information, but the Lessons create the proper “mindset” so you can go straight into the conversation and implement what was learned - immediately!
OnTheBoard has been designed specifically for smaller organizations with limited training and education budgets. The goal at OTB is to provide members with actionable information that's useful in their roles when serving as or reporting to, management, owners, and the Board of Directors.
OnTheBoard is here to support leadership so everybody turns out to be the best hiring decisions the company ever made!
* Individuals must meet requirements for membership (executive level, etc.)