OnTheBoard.org (OTB) is an association (a project really) dedicated to providing valuable and timely information and resources for smaller organization board members/directors, owners, and those individuals that directly report to the board or board committees such as management executives and consultants.

OTB content contributors work every day in the fields we cover and report often to Boards of Directors and others responsible for the safety, security and well being of organizations. Our goal is to assist individuals of responsibility within organizations with staying informed and with relatively little effort so that they may perform their duty to serve and protect their company, the workforce, and its customers.

Although OTB primarily focuses on the areas of technology, cybersecurity, and regulatory compliance, various other topics will be highlighted. You may notice that this site leans towards the heavily regulated healthcare industry but the topics, in general, will apply to all industries.

We welcome your visits and hope you will consider joining our group.

Michael A. Alicea
Content Researcher, Curator and Contributor


The OnTheBoard.org (OTB) project is brought to you through a collaboration of Business Intelligence Group CS and Syntricity Networks LTC. These organizations  provide services to regulated entities. Michael A. Alicea is the moderator and content curator for the OTB site. Michael also serves as a resource to both of the above-mentioned companies as well as to the companies' clients. You can find out more information about Michael as a technology, compliance, and ethics professional here.