OnTheBoard (OTB) is dedicated to providing valuable and timely information and resources to the leadership of smaller health care organizations including board members/directors, independent owners, and other individuals that need to stay well informed when reporting to a board or board committee.

Content - OTB contributors work conduct daily research in the areas they advise their clients on. They routinely report these same findings to Boards of Directors and other responsible parties and now they then bring some of this same information to you.

Limited Resources - Smaller health care organizations typically cannot employ the same full-time talent that brings you the OTB content but nonetheless, you probably still have the same oversight responsibilities. Our goal at OTB is to help keep you informed on the relevant topics of the day but with much less effort on your part to find it so that it does not add work to your day. Our periodic briefings take about 60 seconds to review when they arrive in your inbox. View content from past briefings here.

Benefit - Our content will help keep you prepared to perform your duty to serve and protect your organization, your workforce, and your patients/residents. Although OTB primarily focuses on the areas of technology, cybersecurity, and regulatory compliance, various other topics will occasionally be highlighted. And regardless of the specific industry our content may reference, all topics generally apply in some way to other industries.

As a leader, you have a responsibility to make the best possible decisions to ensure the well-being of your organization. We welcome your repeated visits and hope you will consider joining our LinkedIn or Facebook groups. How to join.


The OnTheBoard (OTB) project was founded by resources provided by the collaboration of Business Intelligence Group CS, Inc. and Syntricity Networks LTC, Inc. These organizations provide services to regulated entities. Consider supporting them.