Developing Leaders

The OnTheBoard (OTB) project is provided in collaboration with Business Intelligence Group CS, Inc. and Syntricity Networks LTC, Inc.
These organizations provide services to smaller regulated entities and provide senior-level content to OnTheBoard.

Core Purpose

To provide valuable and timely cybersecurity and information security materials and resources to the leadership of smaller organizations.

Mission Statement

Core Values

Integrity: Evidenced by a reputation for trustworthiness earned through ethical, fair, transparent, and professional behavior.

Excellence: Evidenced by a commitment to expertise and experience in leadership.

Respect: Evidenced in appreciation of the value of diverse perspectives and experience in promoting a culture of leadership.

Strategic Goals


Authors/contributors conduct daily research in the areas they advise clients on. They then report these same findings to Board Directors and other executives, and now they bring some of this same information to you within the OnTheBoard portal.

Designed for smaller organizations with limited resources that cannot afford the same full-time professionals that bring you the OTB content. But because you still have some of the same oversight responsibilities as larger organizations do, our goal at OTB is to keep you informed on today’s relevant topics, but without the cost and effort on your part to find them. 

The content will help keep you prepared to perform your duty to serve and protect your organization and its workforce. As leadership, you want to be the best you can be. You want to stay on top of the latest threats to your business as well as the best practices that can your workforce do their part.

If you are a leader at any level, you have a responsibility to make the best possible decisions to ensure the well-being of your organization. We welcome your repeated visits to read our posts and hope you will consider joining OnTheBoard for even more content. How to join.